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HERO (Mid Drive)

HERO (Mid Drive)

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HERO is destined to shatter boundaries, spearhead the group, and turn the impossible into reality. Introducing HERO, the ultimate electric all-terrain bike crafted for thrill-seekers and adventurers alike. Built for rugged landscapes and epic trails, HERO is your go-to companion for exploring the great outdoors. Get ready to tackle new challenges and discover hidden gems with HERO leading the way.


Enjoy precise control and effortless gear shifts, courtesy of its intelligent torque sensor that adapts to your pedaling style for a seamless journey. Benefit from enhanced weight distribution, efficient power transmission, extended range, and optimized performance, all thanks to HERO's meticulously engineered mid-drive motor design.



HERO revolutionizes cycling dynamics with its cutting-edge 750W mid-drive motor, setting new standards for stability and power delivery with up to 160 N·m torque*. Tackle every terrain effortlessly, from challenging inclines to rugged trails, as HERO transforms each ride into an exhilarating adventure.

*While the 1000W Rear Hub Motor delivers up to 100 N·m torque.



HERO's revolutionary 2.8kg carbon fiber frame, expertly forged from T800 carbon fiber, embodies the perfect blend of strength and lightweight engineering. Harnessing the inherent benefits of carbon fiber, it guarantees exceptional durability while shedding excess weight, enhancing maneuverability on the trails. Enjoy worry-free cycling adventures anytime, anywhere, with HERO's carbon fiber frame backed by a premium 10-year warranty.


Engineered with meticulous precision to reduce wind resistance and dampen vibrations, this frame ensures a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride. With its unparalleled durability and agile performance, HERO's carbon fiber frame delivers precise control and effortless pedaling, empowering riders to conquer even the most rugged terrains with ease, all while providing a ride characterized by unrivaled quality and reliability.


Embark on thrilling adventures and push your limits with HERO's remarkable range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. Powered by our 864Wh battery, rigorously certified with UL2849 (TÜV), HERO ensures worry-free exploration. 


Say farewell to battery anxiety as HERO empowers you to conquer every path with confidence. Charge effortlessly with our 48V/4A charger, fully powering up in just 4 hours, enabling you to seize the day and embrace endless possibilities.




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