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E-Go Cycles Repair Form

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Please Acknowledge and agree to the following terms as followed:

  1. Understand, in some cases, due to bicycles origin some work may take up to 90 days or longer to complete depending on where parts are being shipped from.

  2. Refunds are at Manager/Supervisors discretion.

  3. Refunds are subject to approval by management or staff supervisor.

  4. No refunds will be given once work has started.

  5.  If Customer reneges at anytime once invoice or price quote is accepted, refunds may be granted by management and/or supervisor discretion. Restocking Fee and Shipping Fee will be deducted from refund.

  6.  By Accepting these terms, you are giving Assembly Techs permission to make the requested repairs.

  7. By accepting these terms you will not hold Assembly Techs liable for theft, vandalism, and or damages that could occur if any instances.

  8. In the case of your property is stolen, Assembly Techs will make payment once insurance payout is available to replace the stolen product.

  9. Items will not be returned until invoice is paid.

  10. Products will not be purchased until invoice or price quote is accepted and paid in full.

  11. Repair Service must be paid in full before service is rendered.

  12. Products left 7 days after services is completed will be subject to a storage fee of $40, and a $6 per day charge each day product is left after work is completed. Item left after 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Assembly Techs.\

  13. Electronics have a $80 diagnostic fee that will be included. Diagnostic fee will be omitted if the work rendered is greater than $180.

  14. Assembly Techs is not responsible for lithium batteries that may explode and/or damaged.

  15. In case of bicycles that are stolen and/or damaged by car accident, Assembly Techs may or may not pay for a replacement bicycle, electric bike, or electric scooter. Replacement will depend on model availability, years owned, and or condition bicycle was received in.

  16. As of 01/12/2024, Diagnostic Fees will be lost if invoices are not paid in full within 3 days after receiving the invoice and if the items are not picked up in 3 days if payment cannot be made, an storage fee will be added of $40 and $6 a day will be added.

  17. All Service invoices must be signed and ID is required upon in-store pick up or delivered items for product redemption. Assembly Techs will not return any items without State Identification & Signature on invoice.

  18. State Identification is required for all purchases by Debit/Credit Cards & Checks.

  19. A $50 return checks fee will be added to checks that do not clear with bank.

  20. Credit/ Debit charges that are disputed on diagnostics fess, products, repairs for services rendered, will be subjected to theft charges being filed and civil lawsuit. Customer will be responsible the costs of attorney, court cost and all fees associated with any arbitration.

  21. By accepting this invoice you the customers addressed are giving Assembly Techs permission to perform the necessary repairs requested in the invoice.

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Thank You For Choosing E-Go Cycles. We are Truly Committed to Serving You


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